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Aqua Audi Ro Uv Uf Tds Minerals

Aqua Audi RO+UV+UF+TDS+MINERAL (Free Pre filter Worth Rs 900/-) Bring home a high quality purifier for your good health and hygiene. The Aqua Audi water purifier is an ideal addition inside your kitchen. It comes with a capacity of 15 litres and has a wall mount.Design and Comfort .Aqua Audi Mineral RO Water Purifier is a product that you must have in your collection of Kitchen appliances. It comes in a white and blue color and has a purification capacity of 12-15 litres in an hour. It comes with a storage capacity of 15 litres and has an auto shut off as well. High in durablity and superior in quality, the purifier has a capacity of 2000 TDS and consumes an inp...

10999 /- 7499 /-